Meek Mill – $lay feat. A$AP Ferg Lyrics

(Intro – Meek Mill)
Chasing that bag, chasing that bag
Lil fish

(Verse 1 – Meek Mill)
Woke up this morning I had a ménage
Loaded the foreigns I packed the garage
We do it big like we back in the
Maybe I’ll…if I…out loud
Maybe I’ll…if I let ni**as ride it
These ni**as swanging
This for my ni**as trapping out the hardest
Tryna get desginer Gucci
Walk in this bi**h and it’s quiet
I break

(Chorus – A$AP Ferg)
You save em, we slay em
Girl I ball

(Verse 2 – A$AP Ferg)
Whip whip whip, whip it
Me and your bi**h in a Bentley
Making it rain when she stripping
Hold up the umbrella like Bentley
F**k with a ni**a that’s righteous
Call me Mr. East Coast I’m the tightest
I remember when…was biting
God bless me like a nig**a got sinus
Holy Ghost, I’m a baptist
Might get a night get an actress
Who give me the top when I slap it
Feeling like DJ Khaled
She grabbing on my d**k getting
Man I had to kill this beat, I’m a savage
Meek Milly drop 20 on the atlas

(Verse 3 – Meek Mill)
Packing this bi**h and you know we reloaded
Look at the credits and tell you who wrote it
I had that bi**h in my d**k and she rode it
And she wearing…you ni**as you know it
I’m out in Cali I’m looking for