Quentin Miller – Awareness freestyle Lyrics

Wiz did it first let me spit a verse
Big Q.M on my shirt
Can’t even sell the merch
Ya’ll ain’t bout the life, ya’ll just want the perks
Ya’ll just want the light, but you don’t want the work
I watch Drake break down every verse
Back when I was throwing words together he showed me
I had the talent just lacked the effort
S**t made me step up, it made me better
I could never erase what happened
No looking backwards, I’m chasing my passion
I was with Don can hit when I first had Chris
Dream let me put that Hublot on my wrist
Small things that I’ll never forget
I seen too much success to settle for less
Man, man, man
I seen big bodies, green pastures, big mansions
All manifested from rap…what have you
I’m in it now, no turning backwards
No where happening, we made it happen
Leg with the battery in Manhattan, I’m back!
I’m back