Mad Cobra & Govana – Sky A Drop Lyrics

(Mad Cobra – Chorus)
A wa do some naw nuh gun badman?
One pop and water gun badman
Wi a send bwoy nunder ground badman
When since informer turn badman?
Genna real born badman
Gi boom-boom and steel corn badman
Yeah Spanish Town go fi dem anyweh
Middle day and dress up like madman

(Govana – Verse 1)
Roast dem head and nuh respond
Mi nuh respond
Rise the Egyptian wid the big pan
Rups and the tank full
And the clip long
Anywhere mi go, go kill man a could a England

(Mad Cobra & Govana)
How some fish in a the fish van a try fi diss man?
When dem gyalfriend a tek dem face fi a piss pan

No pu**y cyaa try run up in a Ristan
You mussi mad! You waan mi sink body in a quick sand
Ok meck mi fix dem, who a trick dem?
Load up the clips dem to the brim dem
One a bring 32, one a bring 10
Shot a fire, shot a fire till the pin bend
Me alone go kill dem, mi nuh bring friend
Me and the supn weh favor big Ben
Space nuh in a the fridge dem
Fling pu**y body in a Hog pen

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Mad Cobra)
Fi wi war a nuh supn weh start and bwoy talk over that
Go s**k you mother
Dead body walk over that
Head buss like dry coconut
Pu**y hole wa you go fah fi defend it?
A joker that
S**k pu**y coke smoker that
Head buss straight flush, joker poker that
Rife shot buss open that
Bombohole in a church
Coffin deh-deh, cyaa open that

Quick and Skelta, broom dem send fah
Mack 90 sweep dem yard like helper
Burn dem house in a homeless shelter
Who nuh dead run weh
Man a clap up dem thing yah
Chop up dem? And mi dash dem in a blender
Gunshot fi gunshot no surrender
None a dem nuh bad, mi know seh dem a pretender

(Repeat Chorus)