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Drake Declined To Press Charges Against Thirsty Burglar

Drake says he will not be pressing charges against a woman who broke into his mansion and made off with around $10 in loot.

It sounds like a big joke bit it’s true. A female fan of the Toronto rapper broke into his Hidden Hills home and put on one of his hoodies. One of Drake’s friends found her in one of the bedrooms in the house and called the cops. When police arrived, she told them that she had permission to go inside the house. She also revealed that she drank Pepsi, Sprite, and Fiji water, TMZ reported.

She was arrested and charged with burglary which is a felony in California. Drake says he will not be pressing charges because he believes that the woman has a mental illness and it would be cruel to brand her a felon for drinking soda and water. The incident went down on April 3rd and the D.A. will unlikely not prosecute the case without Drake’s cooperation.