Mavado – Ride All Night (My Kinda Girl) Lyrics

All I want, I want a girl
And mi love when you whine up you body till hi wet like the water world
Ride all night a my type a girl
Indian, Black, White, Chine, my kinda girl

(Verse 1)
Mi love when you get wild up pon the floor
Gyal you a crazy sex addict
Mi love when you fling it right around
And look right back
Panic the button when mi touch in a you belly
Shi seh big boy sink the bamboo stick
Meck sure you pu**y tight before mi go deh

The fat nuh burn out like candle stick
Keep the pu**y preserve like mi music
This feel like a years you nuh use it
Tek mi finger play wid the two lip

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You meck the bwoy do anything weh you seh
Him cyaa left him haffi test you fi the pu**y
You nuh si seh it nuh matter from you go deh?
And a me a push hi when shi a shrub him
Mi love you!
Weh you get da pu**y deh from?
Hey gyal mi love you
Mi love the way you use you weapon

Gyal you pu**y tight like a voice grip
You meck mi feel nice quick
When you gone wid the f**k mi still a visualize it
Now mi a realize it seh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)