50 Cent Insist Sean Kingston Is A Rat Who Snitch On Migos

50 Cent is not a fan of Sean Kingston and the rap legend is branding the reggae pop singer a rat for snitching on Migos after that infamous fight in Vegas.

Back in February, Sean Kingston revealed that the Migos rap trio jumped him during the Agenda Trade Show in Las Vegas and he wasn’t even able to defend himself. One of his friends had to fire shots in the air to get the three rappers off him. The following day, the singer did a TV interview where he revealed that Migos were the ones who attacked him.

50 Cent posted a meme on his Instagram that he has now deleted calling Sean Kingston a rat for doing the interview. According to the rap legend he should’ve kept his mouth shut and deal with the situation in the streets like a real gangsta. Perhaps 50 want to label Kingston a wangsta just like his famous single. Sean Kingston has still not retaliated for the beat down and reports suggest that Migos handed him the beat down for siding with Soulja Boy in the rap group’s beef with the SODMG rapper. Kingston and Soulja are also close friends.