Zamunda – Better Place Lyrics

All I want is just to say that I care
For all the things that is happening out there

Said if we want this to be a better place for you and me
We got to get up, stand up, stand up
And fight for victory

If we want this to be a better place for you and me
Cause the politician
They are not doing nothing
Nothing for we

(Verse 1)
A full time for us to take a stand
If we wanto build a better nation
Me alone cannot do it, so come on and all
Wi need your support, wi need your help
So don’t just think just for yourself
We have to stick together under one umbrella

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So I a talking to the leader
This one goes out to the media
You represent the people so? When dem need you
Take away dem money wid you procedure
Wa that a gwaan in a the house Mr. Speaker
How a one set a criminal alone in a you court
The country a sink but wi a try stay a float
If we wanna make it this is what you have to do

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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