Chino – I Nah Worry Lyrics

I naw worry at all
When the road seems rough and mi back against the wall

Naw worry at all
Straight rise man a rise Jah naw go meck mi fall

Naw worry at all
Dem si you a draw gear and waan fi si you stall

More time mi feel like bwal
Man still a stand tall
Pon Jah-Jah name mi call
Naw worry at all

(Verse 1)
Everything corpasetic
Man fi live happy suh the father set it
The good meck the sin reach yo son and yo daughter
Meck fi dem son and dem daughter catch it

Mi nuh haffi worry, mi nuh haffi fret if
Man have life the heart detect it
Jah lead the way meck the blue print
Architect it suh wi have to meck it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No need fi worry stand stress
Step wid whole heap a courage and bless
Some nuh have no wisdom nor knowledge a guess
Jah-Jah continue shower mi wid your divine-ness
All negativity mi a go side step
Just live it up while you have breath

(Repeat Chorus 2X)