“DAMN” Fire Twitter Reacts To Kendrick Lamar New Album

Twitter is already reacting to Kendrick Lamar new album DAMN and most fans seems agree that is fire.

The 14 track album has been getting praise from both fans and critics alike, with some fans labeling the Compton rapper as the new king of rap. Singles like “Blood,” “Pride,” “God,” and “Loyalty” featuring Rihanna are getting a lot of playbacks among fans and seems to be among some of the more popular joints on the project. “They should’ve dropped Kendrick Lamar’s album on Afghanistan instead of the MOAB #DAMN,” one fan tweeted jokingly.

Even some celebrities have weighed in on the new album. Diddy posted a video snippet of the album calling it fire. “WOW!!!!!!! #DAMN #DAMN #DAMN FIRE ALOT OF GREAT MUSIC OUT RT NOW!!!! @RevoltTV go KING KENDRICK LAMAR,” he wrote. Very few folks who listened to the album had anything bad to say about it and most likely these folks were never fans of Kendrick Lamar to begin with. If you haven’t heard it as yet, please do so because it will worth it. I can see K-Dot getting a lot of Grammy nominations next year just like he did in 2016.