G Herbo – O.W.D. Lyrics

Its G Herbo, Big G Herbo

(Verse 1)
I’m that ni**a that grew up in all appartment buildings
With my cousins and the rest of my grandmama children
I was the youngest, this was way before I had a sibling
Member watching water from the rain leaking through the ceiling
Member watching roaches, rats run off through the kitchen
And my kitchen eased off chicken, you don’t know the feeling
From the f**king up the kitchen, bad b*tch doing dishes
Mama know that I’m that ni**a, she see how I’m living
Member calling police station, she thought I was missing
Told her everything gon be straight but she thought I was tripping
Cause I was posted on the A, with pistol toting missiles
She say when you end up in prison, ni**as ain’t gon listen
But we ain’t like these pu**y ni**as, my ni**as official
Instead they end up in prison and gave me the whistle
Nn that hot s**t and just keep your pistol
For if a ni**a want it with me that mean he don’t get you

(Verse 2)
I’m that ni**a, been that ni**a all my life lil ni**a
I only spit the truth I put that on my mic lil ni**a
The difference between me and you, not nothing slight lil ni**a
You ain’t in line, I’m taking shoot we not nothing like lil ni**a
Settle for less, that’s what you get and what’s excite lil ni**a
I drank…lil ni**a
You out here flexing tryna stuff a…you like lil ni**a
I was up on Aces serving hypes, you all on Skype, lil ni**a
You bought that bi**h a pair of shoes, I bought a pipe, lil ni**a
Ain’t never used one, squeezed that bi**h with all my mind, lil ni**a
Ain’t never used one, it was
Bought my first tool, stopped going to school, now all I keep is new guns
Bought a five shot .38 and went in with my new one’s
Now I keep 30 Glocks on me, wake up and bow a few one’s
F**k G-Fazo, I run through ones
On opps, we ran through plugs
Young ni**as, we was going through some
Waking up, just to shoot some