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Tyrese Responds To Backlash From Black Women On The Breakfast Club

Tyrese has stepped forward to address some backlash he has been getting from black women on social media.

The singer/actor has been very vocal on social media about his feelings about women doing plastic surgeries, wearing weaves and butt implants. But in his interview on The Breakfast Club yesterday, Tyrese Gibson broke things down saying that he was not targeting black women but was talking about women on a whole.

“What I did was I talked about a conversation that I had sat in on with a bunch of women ripping men alive,” he said. “And I walked away from the conversation saying that I want y’all to know that we, as men, notice more than you think we notice. It’s just not even remotely directed at Black women. There is NO way that I’m supposed to believe that a leg that skinny leads up to an a$$ that goes all the way over there.”

A lot of folks who were bashing him on social media seems to start agreeing with his statement. “Not sure why so many women are so pressed about his comments,” one fan wrote. “He wasn’t shaming anyone. It wouldn’t hurt to look in the mirror and realize you could be doing the most when you should just be doing you.”

Tyrese also recently catch some heat from black women when news surfaced that he secretly got married to a multi-racial woman who is 46% black and of Jamaican and Ecuadorian descent. Some folks openly criticized him for his criticism of black women and then get married to a woman that is not 100% black. Seems Tyrese just can’t catch a break so maybe he should just stick to promoting his music and movies and leave social issues alone. He has an upcoming big weekend at the box office when Fast and the Furious 8 premieres in theaters.