Rihanna and Drake Spotted At A Birthday Party Are They Back Together

Rihanna and Drake were spotted at the same party last weekend and Twitter is already blowing up on a possible reunion.

A video clip surfaced on social media on Sunday showing Drake just minding his own business at a toddler’s birthday party when Rihanna and her best friend Melissa Forde walked in. We’re told that tensions were so high at the party it could be felt by others looking on. The clip even shows Drake sitting looking awkward as Rihanna play with some of the kids.

Sources close to the Bajan pop star exclusively told Urban Islandz that she did not know that Drake would be at the party and was shocked to see him there. We’re also told that they did not speak to each other and there is no reunion taking place. “They didn’t take to each other and there is no reunion,” sources said. “It was just mere coincidence that they ended up at the same place so there is nothing more to it trust me I know for sure.”

Rihanna and Drake has a bitter split in the fall of last year after rekindling their relationship for a few months. Multiple reports alleged that Drizzy cheated on her with reality star India Love and she pulled the plug on their relationship. In October last year, Rihanna posted a cryptic message on Instagram where she pretty much made it clear that she was not at fault for the relationship demise. “None of my exes are married or in happy relationships so it’s safe to say that I wasn’t da problem lol,” she wrote.

Drake also briefly date Rihanna’s former friend and Home co-star Jennifer Lopez and when she found out she unfollowed JLo on Instagram signaling that she is angry they were together. But of course that relationship didn’t last and I doubt anyone expected it to. In the clip below you can see Drizzy wanting to melt after he spotted RiRi. Sources also told us that Rihanna brought her niece Majesty to the party.

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