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Bobby Shmurda Gets Four Years Sentence For Contraband

Bobby Shmurda was sentenced to four years in prison for having a shank but let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean that he will be serving more time on his existing sentence.

The “Hot Ni**a” rapper took a plea deal in the case and received a lesser sentence than he would have. Smart move by him and his legal team given that he is already serving seven years. Bobby Shmurda appeared in court on Friday morning with his lawyer Paul London where he pleaded guilty to attempting to promoting prison contraband, TMZ reported.

The four-year sentence will run concurrently to the seven years that he is already serving, which means he will be released after his seven-year sentence is complete. Bobby Shmurda is not fond of taking plea deals, we can all remember last year when he rants in court that he was forced by his attorney to take a plea deal and wanted to get out of it. Shmurda is around halfway into his sentencing after being credited for time already served.