Sean Paul Donates $1.5 Million To Build Studio At Alpha Boys School

Sean Paul has donated JM$1.5 million to the Alpha Boys’ School where the funds will be used to build a studio inside the Music Technology Department.

The dancehall legend put on his charitable cap recently where he took part in The Reggae Auction which offered bidders from across the world a chance to get their own custom voicemail message from the dancehall star. The auction was hosted by the Alpha Boys School Radio and it was a success.

“The Reggae Auction attracted so many passionate and generous bids from around the world. The staff and students at Alpha are grateful to Sean Paul and all the donors and participants who made it an exciting international event,” said Dr Joshua Chamberlain, general manager of the radio programme.

Sean Paul’s donation went a long way for the school says Chamberlain who also renamed the Media and Technology Department to the Sean Paul Henriques Media Centre.