Dexta Daps – Grow Rough Lyrics

If mi gun naw come mi naw go no weh
No, since mi gun naw go, mi naw go deh-deh

No, If mi gun naw come mi naw go no weh
No, since mi gun naw go, mi naw go deh-deh

Caw mi grow rough, rough
Mi head man and mi gun dem go
I grow rough
Mi love war and mi gun dem nough

(Verse 1)
I nuh waan si my enemy less mi have my gun paw mi
Me a the only man weh mi know a walk wid five gun paw mi
Wonder if dem know seh a JDF buy gun from we
Member mi use to run fi my scope suh nuh try run from me

Pu**y if a nuh war you waan wa you pick it fah?
If you bad wa you run left you city fah?
If you brave wa you a move suh chi-chi fah?
Dem a coward wi bowl like a cricketer
Me and waan army run out people a look if a the prime minister
Out a your place yo move like a visitor
Youth you just f**k up! Wa you a beg fi pity fah?

One a mi linky dem a f**K him gyal shi just gi him weh
Shi open the door and let wi in and seh si him deh
Hold him
Pu**y you could a run go a Jupiter
Brooklyn tell dem, dem cyaa come a Utica
90’s man a go meck you look up in a the nozzle a Lucifer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
How you chat so much?
Fi a youth weh naw do anything
And how you fi diss C-View man dem?
Did you tek all you medicine?
Dem nuh bad so there is no reason fi rise up everything
One always in a the head just in-case a anything
Si the so call baddest man deh snoring
Wi a bleach like Addi wid the chrome browning
And a Chine K longer than four yoming
How him bad and a bare pu**y deh roundhole him?
Sandy Gully look good fi deh round him
Tell Daseca fi?

(Repeat Chorus)