Popcaan – Real Thugz Lyrics

Cyaa left you self loose dem wi meck you menus
Nuh waan si you pon the high way a cruse
Badmind dema pree a envy dem choose
Dem a pree you everytime you change you shoes

Nough pu**y deh a road but mi know fi a fact
Seh some real thugz deh out deh

Nough a dem well waan si you drop
Waan kill you wid strap
But some real thugz deh out deh

Mi nuh care weh badmind people waan seh
Mi know seh some real thugz deh out deh

Mi have whole heap a mi dawgs weh wi dead fi mi
Suh mi know seh some real thugz deh out deh

(Verse 1)
Real thugz like Camere Thompson
Mi dawg Kemar
If it come to the test wi…wi buss the Askel
Informer nuh grow in a mi place
Wi don’t tell police ask fi people name wi don’t spell
When you si you real thugz seh woyowi bad charge
Real gangster nuh snitch pon dem friend all when dem charge

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Whole heap a dem si you and a laugh, laugh
And a tell man fi kill you as you walk off
Tell evil man a me a get the last laugh
Tek mi simple and you diss mi and you pass off
Ghetto youth
A nuh everybody mean good anytime dem smiling
Dem a claim dem a sheep a the wolf dem minded

(Repeat Chorus 2X)