Most Jamaicans Thinks Vybz Kartel Should Not Be Allowed To Record In Prison

Lisa Hanna might be echoing the view of the majority of Jamaicans when she calls for a ban on Vybz Kartel music due to his murder conviction.

Since making the statement in January, Lisa Hanna has been getting a lot of bashing from a lot of dancehall fans. But she is also getting some supporting from some quarters of dancehall and it seems the wider Jamaica supports her views. ”If you are convicted until you are not convicted perhaps it is your music needs not be played on the radio,” she said.

The Observer conducted a survey of 2,747 Jamaicans on the subject and Seventy-eight percent of respondents thinks that convicted felons should not be allowed to record music and sell from prison. Let’s be clear, there is no evidence that Vybz Kartel is recording music in prison, but his music has dominated the airwaves since his incarceration in 2011.

Vybz Kartel recently got some good news when a judge approves his leave to pursue his appeal in the Jamaican Appeal Court. His legal team are currently preparing their opening arguments which should be submitted to the court by June this year. The trial is expected to get underway by the end of the year.