Vershon – Too Young Lyrics

Fresh in a mi twenties young and hot dawg
Settle down thing man nuh deh pon that dawg
Gyal a si mi and drop draws
You know man haffi govern the streets like a top dawg

Markus, mi too young fi catch feelings
Suh mi a gwaan f**k a bag a gyal
Nough pu**y deh bout fi get beating
Everyday mi a f**k another gyal
If shi nuh good shi get dump the next evening
Real queffer thing well original

(Verse 1)
Everyday wi have up another gyal
Gyallis from birth, real queffer like
Ten gyal a day a the queffer lifestyle
The settle down thing that a never my style
Mi haffi have a different gyal in a mi bed a night time
Over me gyal a cuss and war
Cut and scar, bare ruption star
Mi touch a New York f the first time
Bare gyal a seh dem well wan fi f**k man star

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wild life man living from mi birth
No gyal never clown mi
Play out mi feelings when mi hurt
Suh mi naw question no gyal fi tell mi if it a go work
Mi get gyal any fregin weh mi turn
If a nuh quefer a must unruly click
Gyal nuh waan no man fi f**k dem fi two minute
Mi a get gyal from mi poor a nuh true riches
Talk bout seh dem a teach lesson
Dem a teach bare foolishness

(Repeat Chorus)