Justin Bieber Crushing Hard On Sevyn Streeter On IG

Justin Bieber has his eyes lock firmly on R&B beauty Sevyn Streeter. The Canadian pop superstar crashed her Instagram live session on Saturday night with some flattering comments like “hey beautiful.”

Bieber now considers himself a bachelor who is carrying a grudge for The Weeknd who is now dating his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. But maybe he wants a shot at Streeter admitted that she would collaborate with him. While in the middle of mingling with her fans on Instagram live, the 23-year-old singer crashed the party with a flurry of flirtatious comments.

Sevyn Streeter, 30, commented on Twitter saying that she told Bieber a big thank you. She was also encouraged by her fans to work with the pop star on some new music. But maybe Bieber wants to do more than just work. Streeter seems to be feeling pretty good about the comments from the Biebs as evident in her interactions with her fans on Twitter who bombarded her comments about it.

The Canadian pop star has been dealing with some bad press over the last few days for allegedly telling a female fan that she made him “sick.”


  1. This is news?!

    • Yea, lots of people would want to know. I clicked it, obviously so did anyone else who commented here because … Here they are >< So it must be news to them too. If you didn't care you wouldn't be here.

      • What a stupid argument. I guess the world should be impressed by Bieber paying a compliment to some basic biatch. Oh, so you and Nigg finally got married? ?

      • Are you commenting to me? I’ve been married for 30 years. You seem to be invested with Justin, you called the girl a nasty name AND you showed up here. Seems you protest too much about caring. The proof is in the pudding. Here you are so what does that tell everyone. You care a lot. What could that girl have possibly done to you personally for you to feel like it is okay to get on a public forum and call her an incredibly disrespectful name. There was no reason to disrespect this young lady unless she had done something to you personally which I doubt very seriously.

      • No, you obviously care too much. What a novel. I still don’t think it’s newsworthy that some guy gave a girl a compliment. What’s your next move? Nigg Newton is an infamous troll.