Ninjaman Blast Vybz Kartel Fans and Lisa Hanna “Stop The Foolishness”

Ninjaman has a stern message for Vybz Kartel fans and Lisa Hanna.

The dancehall Don Gorgon shared his reaction to the recent uproar in the dancehall space about Vybz Kartel recording music in prison and MP Lisa Hanna calling for a ban of the incarcerated deejays music from public airwaves. Hanna did give some strong push back from Kartel fans and even received some death threats.

In one of his usual vlog, Ninjaman told Gaza fans to get their acts together. “Some a you guys are waste matter and only love chat,” the dancehall legend said. “All of you talking about Gaza this and Gaza that, no Gaza can’t hit me in my face because you guys try that already and have to pay me three million dollars and have to do a bag of something because Gaza is not as big as the whole world its a big empty land.”

With regards to Lisa Hanna, Ninjaman says that she should leave dancehall artists alone and even touched on the double standards with carnival dress codes and some of the lyrics in carnival songs being played on radio stations.