Dancehall News: Government Seek Legal Advice On Recording In Prison

Vybz Kartel beware they are coming to shut you down in prison.

This is the latest development in the ongoing debate on whether or not dancehall entertainers should be recording music in prison. State Minister for national security, Senator Pearnel Charles Jnr, has commissioned a team of lawyers along with the assistance of the Commissioner of Corrections Ina Hunter to clarify the laws that government music productions in Jamaica’s prison.

The minister’s aim is to provide the public with a clear interpretation of the laws and regulations as it relates to the prison system and entertainers ability to recording music. “There are a number of questions that were asked in relation to the category of inmates, (such as) whether an inmate involved in an appeal… is able to be involved in the rehabilitation programme; you hear a lot of things in the public domain as to whether an appellant could record at the studio that is there, or whether an appellant would be excluded from using the studio under a rehabilitation programme,” Charles Jr. told the Observer.

Vybz Kartel has ignited a firestorm in the local landscape over the last few months with allegations that he has been recording music in prison. Although the deejay has denied the claims, some quarters of Jamaica are adamant that he is doing it and possibly breaking the law. Dancehall fans have been pushing back on his critics, particularly some politicians, asking them to leave the artist alone.

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  1. they know he aint recording shyt or they would have found the contraband years ago, and the recording devices would have had the new material on it. i havent heard them come with any proof of anything. dem just love trouble kartel. low di yute, how can he be recording in yall custody and nobody there nuh know?? no device has been found with post incarceration material?? come on now ppl, nuh mek dem tek unnu fi fool

    every minute dem bring bay accusations and circumstancial bullshyt fi smear the yute image. never anything solid or concrete, and the ppl dem gwan like dem cyah pick sense from nonsense. show me the proof or kill the argument