Khago Opens Recording Studio In Manchester

Dancehall artists Khago has officially opens his new recording studio in Manchester.

The “Nah Sell Out” deejay announced that he would be constructing a studio in his home parish to serve his local community and he did just that. The new studio is dubbed The Hotspot and Khago says this move will help him to own his own music.

“Music changes all di time an’ yuh know how di copyright ting set up. Dis a go mek mi more in charge of mi own music now,” the deejay said. Khago has already released a new single “Pack Up” recorded in his new studio and released on his LCG Music label. Khago indicate that he will be very active in the dancehall space this year after spending some time in the United States sorting out his papers.

“A from 2014 mi leave fi sort out mi papers (in the United States) an’ yuh know yuh haffi focus on dat,” he said. “Sometimes people nuh really understan’ di sacrifice artistes haffi mek an’ di system rough.”