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Vybz Kartel Vs Lisa Hanna: Cops Investigating Death Threats

Vybz Kartel versus Lisa Hanna is like the usual beef between dancehall and politicians.

Over the years, politicians have been known to lambast dancehall entertainers and vice versa. Reggae/dancehall artists have all sing anti-politics lyrics. But this new feud takes things to a whole new level with Vybz Kartel fans threatening beauty queen turns politician Lisa Hanna, prompting police officers to launch an investigation.

During an interview earlier this week, Hanna blast Vybz Kartel while questioning why he is still recording music behind bars and even calling for a ban on his music from radio stations. Since making those statements there has been a flurry of response from Vybz Kartel fans on social media including a few death threats. Law enforcement sources told us that they have received a complaint from Lisa Hanna’s camp and are actively investigating the incident. So far no one has been arrested or charged, but we’re told that cops are not ruling that out.

“Lisa Hanna go s*** yo mada look like yo waan dead, go fix yo constituents and leave the boss alone,” one fan wrote. We will not publish the fans social media handle. “If it was up to me Lisa Hanna would be out of a job,” a DHH follower on Facebook wrote.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, is currently serving life imprisonment for a murder conviction. He has been behind bars since 2011 when he was arrested in Kingston and subsequently slapped with two murder charges. Over the last couple of months, he has been facing pressure from inside and outside of dancehall for allegedly recording music in prison. He has denied the allegation saying he has a large catalog of previously recorded unreleased music.

Lisa Hanna says Buju Banton is incarcerated in the US and has not released any new music since his incarceration. She wants the same thing to be applied to Vybz Kartel.