Demarco – Something To Think About Lyrics

Suh when you rob dem, and you stab dem, and you shoot dem
And you kill dem, and you run, and you run
Mi a wonder if you look in a you self for a minute weh you done

I hope you realize him left a family without a daughter or a son
It nuh get no worst than this
Nuh meck wi likkle island get curse from this

Cyaa even meck a phone call out a road
Cause it possible fi lose yo life
Mi don’t even waan si mi girl go out a road
50/50 you might lose yo wife
Dawg mi cup full till it a overflow
Wa kind a levity dem youth yah like?
Coming like unuh heart meck out a stone
Meck the likkle youths future bright

(Verse 1)
Mi a talk to the youths dem
Protect the girls in a school don’t abuse dem
When you school done a beg you travel in a group then
From wa day mi si nough a unuh lose friend
Ladies meck mi tell you this
3 man in a taxi mi a beg you don’t use that
Strange face a call you nuh waan know a who dem
Pay attention to things around you when you moving
All the while

(Repeat Chorus)