Pouya feat. Erick Arc Elliott, Shakewell & Ghostemane – Death by Dishonor Lyrics

(Verse 1 – GHOSTEMANE)
I’ma bout to put a hurting on a bi**h soul
We take a eighth of psilocybe let it all go
Stuck in the middle of the earth
It ain’t ethereal
I’ma bout to take a little trip and never come home
She dug a knife up in my chest till the blood flow
I’d rather lick it off swallow every drop, oh
Everybody thinking I’m the devil but I’m really woke
By woke I’m not susceptible to brain control but i know that
She tied up in the…make me wanna tell…I
Sick of putting it in my mouth just saying f**k it I
I’m done
I know I never be the one to say the devil won
If a one mage ever got tired
When I’m done I really wanna take a dive in the lake and
Say goodbye to everything

(Verse 2 – SHAKEWELL)
F**k a halo, keep a heater with you
Pocket rocket, pop and hope your people with you
Even bloody red really ain’t an issue
Think his auntie sad
Get that bi**h a tissue
Heard his army mad
I could give a f**k
All my compas pulling up in armored trucks
You be talking Migos, but they one of us
Hit a fifty cell, really on the plug
Just another day in the 6, 1, 4.
Not ? talking Mexico
Chopping up the kilo then we slitting throats
Trap be in the kitchen cooking up my goat
No that ain’t not slang for a f**king pack
Even if it was boy you couldn’t cap
Even if you did it’d hit you with the tax
Shout out all my homie, made a mill off wax

(Verse 3 – Pouya)
Yuh, yuh, ay
Death By Dishonor
You crossed the wrong one
You weak and push back
Underground Underdog
Need ten flat to be in the same room
Pop by the cut with a stick and the stained booth
F**k whatcha heard
Baby having a round
Popo round
We need a moment of silence
Running from the piece to get away from the sirens
Ain’t a damn thing change
Yo we love the violence
Baby Bone, I’m an animal
Made a hundred thousand racks off the seminal
Eat a rapper up sick like I’m Hannibal
Got a bi**h right off the banana boat
Shakewell, made bells, hit cells
Send a rapper to hell
Broke a*s rappers
Man, they want me to fail
I made all the right moves
I’m never taking an L

(Verse 4 – Erick The Architect)
Yeah, Yeah
Usually I would just make the decision to kill em
When you want the ceiling
Will he ever give a dividend again
I’m moving diligent
This independent mane
I’m…with dank
I’m on a bigger rank
I thank the lord for every saint
I can’t describe a cannibal
I eat a rapper chapter one
I get up on you read you like a palm
Sh*t is sticky since I got a system
I’m a killer, making million off of this
That’s how deep the…coffin is
So all my villains break the law to this
Pray the lord forgives a kid with confidence
I count the commas for my sons in orphanage
I’m bringing all them in till we mob again
There’s no bargaining so quit arguing