Did Tory Lanez Takes An L For This Street Fight Video ?

Tory Lanez took an L last year for his brief beef with Drake where some fans accused him of sounding too much like the Toronto rapper.

Did the Canadian singer took an L for this alleged street fight posted on WorldStarHipHop yesterday, or is the internet wrong for doing this. Nevertheless, the clip is hilarious as it is but we can’t confirm if this is really Tory Lanez or someone else who could be his twin brother. The clip shows a man throwing some wild punches but fail to make any contact.

The man folks are saying is Tory Lanez is the shirtless guy in the video throwing some punches at his opponent who dodges them like he is some sort of martial arts master. Maybe if this was the real Tory Lanez the fight would have ended differently with someone getting knocked out. So someone need to find this fake Tory Lanez and tell him to stop tarnish the singer’s name.

Last year Lanez released a remix to Drake’s “Controlla” and immediately caught some heat from the 6 God and his fans. Drizzy even took a few shots at the singer on his “Summer Sixteen” single. “All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little / All your exes know I like my O’s with a V in the middle / You would love it if I went away or didn’t say nothing else / How am I keeping it real by keeping this sh** to myself?” Drake raps.

Tory Lanez says that he just liked the single and just jumped on the beat and fans started liking it so it became a thing. “It just happened to be that people felt they liked the song a lot and people felt I bodied it so much that it just became a thing,” he said.