Your Old Droog feat. Edan & Wiki – Help Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Your Old Droog)
Don’t compare yourself to Droog, dude, you s**k
You’d probably think I’m rich with the tunes I construct
Made enough to buy a few constructs
But nevermind that old money, I’m tryna get a new buck
Buy the nubuck, fresh size 12
And ain’t nobody help me, we did it by ourselves
Like Green Day, they album dookie
Coming around washed up, on that
That’s why they get the disconnected message when they try and hit me
Switch the number on em it’s new jack city
Went from
That’s why we never gonna speak, y’nahmean?
Take this wit ya
There’s 2 types of people: those who get asked for pictures and those who ask for a picture
Get your
I never needed no help tryna rock
My 9 cocked
Shoot holes in your designer smock
Then I’m out with the smoothness
I do this

(Chorus – Rob Base and Frank Zappa sampled)
Help I’m a rock
I wanna rock right now

(Verse 2 – Wiki)
Way I rock hot, 180 degrees
Your sh*t soft, rock babies to sleep
It’s a lullaby
But them other guys hating on me
And you gonna die waiting to pee
I whip my d*ck out, piss straight in the street
Keep it stepping, stay never late on the beat
Get your weapon, when in the street
Same place I was taking a leak
Take it from me, you can’t take what you see
Cover your eyes so you don’t see me in 3
Holy ghost, father, the son believe in we
Wikity Wik with the sickness spitting
Chick pretty
I might grab a titty but that’s pretty much it
Don’t mean to be a d*ckhead but that’s pretty much Wik
Amount of time in the city I spent
Made me the man I am, but don’t pity the kid
City gave me everything I got
Everything with locks
Every single rhyme I rock

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Edan)
Take 2 of the man with soul that your probably know
Deadly as Scarface with cocaine cardio
Pardon yo long nose Pinocchio studio portfolio
Braggadocio, toe, to, toe rap rodeo
Your homie know we
Lasso his nose, pull him over slow, throw the KO
In a showcase of total control to catch kudos
Set fire to
Judo chop
Your crew too slow, who to do so
Compel me to, rock, so God help me

(Repeat Chorus)