Alkaline Questioned By Police But No Charges

Alkaline turned himself into police on Thursday morning where he was questioned but no charges laid out against him. Cops will continue to grill the deejay on Friday.

Although there weren’t any charges, the case is far from over, sources told Urban Islandz. The dancehall deejay reported to the Area 4 police headquarters moments after 9 AM this morning with his attorney, Peter Champagnie. We’re told that he was questioned regarding the murder of Rohan Morris, but no specific details were given since the investigation is ongoing.

“My client certainly is not a person of interest in the sense of the word that the police are in the habit of using,” Champagnie said. “He is someone who is prepared to cooperate and will answer questions that is asked of him.”

Alkaline has maintained his innocence and is making it clear that he does not know anything about the crime cops have targeted him for. Morris, 28, was shot some 15 times in front of his 5-year-old daughter in Maverly on January 13, 2017. Detectives believe that the Vendetta leader can assist them in their investigation.

Alka, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, is one of the hottest artists in dancehall currently. Sources inside his camp told us that he is concerned that this move by the police department could damage his brand. Nevertheless, he is known to release hardcore gangsta singles including his recent Popcaan diss track “Microwave.”

Alkaline also denies issuing a statement condemning the media on Facebook earlier this week.