WizKid and Drake Finally Releases ‘Hush Up The Silence’ On Apple Music

WizKid and Drake releases their collaborative single “Hush Up The Silence” following a pre-mature leak.

The song surfaced in January on SoundCloud as a rough mix and was quickly axed from the music streaming platform after Sony Music fired off a take down notice letter. The final mix and mastered version is now available on Apple Music for streaming.

“Too mix up in drama to go outside / Too mix up in drama to free my mind / Jealous people around me, I need to change my life / I just turn colder every time I try / What would I do without you, my chargie? / I don’t feel that way with anybody,” Drake raps.

The single “Hush Up The Silence” was played on Sunday’s episode of OVO Sound Radio and ypu can here it starting around the 60-minute mark below. Drake and WizKid had the biggest song on the planet last year “One Dance.” The track earned a Grammy nomination and was streamed over a billion times on Spotify.

Drizzy is currently gearing up to release his new album More Life which will be exclusively released on Apple Music withing the next two weeks.