Alkaline – Son of a Queen Lyrics

Mummy I’ll never, ever
Never will I leave your side
Never will I turn my back on you
Or stand and watch you fight

I’ll never, ever
Never will ignore you cry
No girlfriend can take you stripe
Or wear your heels that’s not your size

(Verse 1)
Mummy you nuh si seh yo bwoy come far
You friend dem muss a seh you bwoy turn star
Mummy a general you cyaa punk her
Love mi mother watch how you talk bout her
Seet now you get you house and you car
And you nuh haffi worry bout no more landlord
Mi know you long fi wi go out spar
But the field lock yah now mi haffi go out and war
Mummy haffi stay paw mi toes
Mummy get the money find the melody dem
And the her money
Still a wonder how you manage her
Now everybody good, dem supn deh nuh happen normally
You a legend and mi love you to mi heart
Goose bump full up mi body now as mi a talk
Member seh you deh-deh from the start
Cyaa pay you back but mi a tell you this

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Delicate as a flowers
Tougher than a cobble stone
Mi a the son of a queen
A nuh prince Charles alone
Don’t worry you self just kick back pon you throne
Anything weh you waan mi give you that how mi sound?
Rather some advice could a me just alone
Member the times mi use to follow you go a town
And a seh how you carry dem big heavy bag deh pon you own

(Repeat Chorus)