Mariah Carey Burn Wedding Dress In “I Don’t” Video With YG

Mariah Carey is sending a clear message to his ex-fiance James Packer in her new music video “I Don’t” featuring YG.

In the clip, Mariah burn her wedding dress which TMZ reported is the exact same dress that she was support to war to her wedding to the Australian billionaire. The Valentino dress reportedly cost $250,000. Quite an expensive message to send, but considering her net worth is around half a billion dollars she can more than afford it.

The single itself “I Don’t” is about a bitter breakup and will appear on her upcoming studio album. The single was first previewed on her reality “Mariah’s World” last weekend. But the full song and video was released on Friday on Apple Music and VEVO respectively. Mariah Carey and her ex-fiance broke up last in what turns out to be a nasty split with lots of back-and-forth. She also divorced Nick Cannon in 2014 and that divorce was finalized last year so the pop diva has a lot of heart break to get off her chest.

Watch the ageless beauty unleashed her anger on her wedding dress in “I Don’t” music video below.

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