Watch Nicki Minaj Hilarious Video Of Herself Recording Easter Ad

Nicki Minaj tried her best to record this Easter promotional advertisement but could not contain herself.

The head barbe posted two clips on her Instagram of herself trying her best to not laugh uncontrollably while recording ad for Easter. I Guess she just reminded us that Easter is just right around the corner. But what could be making her laugh so much?

At the beginning of the clip, Nicki was lazer focused on her phone and then immediately she started laughing. Some fans are suggesting that she was tuning into Azealia Banks latest shenanigans on Instagram with her beef with Rihanna. Needless to say, the whole exchange between those two females was hilarious, but it appears Rihanna had the upper hand perhaps because she has a hundred million more fans than the Harlem rapper.

Nicki Minaj recently breakup with her boyfriend of two years Meek Mill, so maybe she was looking at a video of him that surfaced over the weekend showing him asking a groupie who gave her permission to step in his car and take pictures.

Nevertheless, Nicki Minaj is looking like she is in a happy place and that can only be bad news for Meek Mill.

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