Ishawna – Take Pride Lyrics

Keep it clean, keep it covered
Freshly scented like flowers
You pum-pum clean gyal
From you pum-pum clean gyal

Be proud a you pu**y because
You fresh like the morning drew gyal
Gyal you tek pride
Gyal you tek pride

You pu**y clean inna you draws
Ever fresh, it nuh mildew
Caw you tek pride
Gyal you tek pride

(Verse 1)
Pineapple and cranberry
Goof fi mi throat and mi cherry
Run a cheesy buddy bwoy weh a try bring cramp to you belly
Hook from the first day you get hi
Mi body extra ordinary
Squeakily clean gyal
You flawless and so sanitary

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some gyal, not even in a dream dem a practice good hygiene
Gyal walk out from you clean
You nuh smell like Sardine
It haffi wash, a could a river, could a stream
Have you Amby, have in a you coco butter cream
You nuh sweat like o foot ball team
After 90 minutes you run in

(Repeat Chorus 2X)