Gucci Mane – Sir Brix A Lot [New Music]

Gucci Mane dropped the 3rd single off his album (3 For Free) “Sir Brix A Lot,” produced by Shawty Redd.

Tried to play me off the street but I’m back on the block
Drew down on your partner, made him drop it like it hot
My posse’s on Broadway, I’m Sir Brix A Lot
Say some slick to Gucci, I hit you in your jaw
When a rapper got beef, want a pay per view
I’m a trapper when I got beef then I put you in a box
That’s the love of your life, to me she’s just another thot
Not no ordinary ni**a, can’t rock no ordinary watch

Gucci Mane – Sir Brix A Lot Lyrics

Listen full track below.