Royce da 5’9” – Beats Keep Callin’ (Freestyle) Lyrics

Whatever, whatever, whatever
Mr. Porter don’t trust you I’m gon bust you ni**a
That thang pop, pop pop
Whatever, whatever, whatever
If young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gonna shoot you
Whatever, whatever

This that your career’s over flow for real
This ain’t four wheel, who ever poke headed
Came bone chilling, cold with no feelings
Banging, dope dealing, Hov with no ceilings, Wayne
Started out like my shoe gun, heavy is the head with the crown
Slaughterhouse my mind’s two tons, heart is out like John Q son
And everything you say greasy and made up like a piece of cheesesteak
And everything I say come natural and a thing of beauty like Alicia Key’s face
How can I be hated in the streets, when I’m on even on my off day
I’m creative when it’s beef, while you throw salt, I’m your baby mama and them new salt bae
Molotov through your restuarant window
Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll, Nickel Nine, Ricky Grimes
I’m silverster mind bender
I spark fours, that’ll arch floors
That’ll have whoever acting hardcore
Doing parkour, I’ma dog Porter
Brought the dog for, recording harsh thoughts for the art form
Taking me to your leader is like showing Chuck Norris where the glass door is
While I’m just tryna stay outta jail
Last war I stay strapped for it
Y’all can run while the gats blowing
And if I miss your ass, then I guess you saved by the bell, like Zack Morris
I’m on bando time when I ride through cities
Before my time R.I.P. Bobby, Christie
Or Bobby, Whitney, flow K-Ci, JoJo
Like that Tech N9ne go KC, mojo
I don’t stand my ground, I just demolish ni**as
Simple you against me you ain’t riding with me
B*tch not only do I kiss and tell, I’m Orlando Brown when I describe them titties
I’m the rubberband man, but I do more than count bands
F**k sipping 40 ounces, I’m sober out here, f**king hoes like 40 oz Van
Ni**a I’m Pusha T doing quiet numbers, getting silent money, I’ll retire from it, I don’t dress loud, I throw the flyness on it
Let the labels talk and Desiigner mumble like Donald Trump
Throwing money hitting everybody and they auntie up
Trying to find someone to come perform for me fore I f**k the whole entire country up
I’m the first one gunnin, last one running
To enlightened for a check, woo!
Any rapper that want it, I’m back, one hundred
Invite em to a scrap, woo!
I narrow down s**t the Farrakhan way
You can find me anywhere the crime wave
I’m Schwarzenegger, you Sarah Conner and your favorite rapper acting Eric Andre