Laden – Myself Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Wa day me and mi self a reason
Mi self a seh to mi, mi nuh need no friends from people
Him seh check you self, tek weh you self from evil
Mi rate mi self a way, mi could a never lead mi self a stray
More time me roll by mi self
Step in a the party and mi self a seh fi buy the shelf
Mi a do mi thing by mi self
Look how mi maga and mi nuh need nobody strength

More time mi grieve in a mi self
Suh mi seh yah mi a reason me and mi self
Mi self a seh to mi wi need it all the wealth
And guess wa mi believe in a mi self
Mi a bwoy weh naw throw stone
Mi a pree one a the glass house
Know wi haffi rich
A mi self mi a talk bout

All by myself
All by myself

(Verse 2)
Mi self a seh you a get a fight and mi know
Then a seh the fans dem like all you flow
Mi a seh how a light haffi glow
You cyaa tek wi like poppy-show
Always a pree fi better mi self
Suh more time mi just pressure mi medz
Things weh mi show mi self never listen
And when mi talk him ever listen

One man mi fear a mi self
Suh more time mi scared a mi self
But mi never try hurt mi self
Mi tek care a mi self

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)