Cardi B Mixtape “Gangsta B*tch Music Vol. 2” | Stream

Stream in full Cardi B new mixtape “Gangsta B*tch Music Vol. 2.” on Spotify.

Cardi B new mixtape GBMV2 is straight fire. The rapper/Love and Hip Hop star won over a lot of hip hop fans this week with her new project. The 10-track LP features some hardcore joints, something that has been missing from the female side of hip hop.

Among the guest list includes dancehall hitmaker Konshens and some upcoming names in the game like Casanova, DJ Hardwerk, and Just Viad. “My music is for the b*tches that got anger in their heart, ’cause every b*tch got motherf***ing goddamn anger in their heart,” Cardi B said during a recent interview with Complex.

The 24-year-old rapper is steadily building her career as a hardcore female emcee. Take a listen to what she has to say.