Royce da 5’9” – I Got The Keys (Freestyle) Lyrics

Yeah, I’m starting to have fun now, so you know

I got the keys, keys, keys
I got the keys, keys, keys
Y’all are the kings, kings, kings
I roll up to squeeze
Y’all are the kings, kings, kings
Well, I’m about to see, I’m about to see
I talk scrilla like a art dealer
I’m large money that’s been augmented for the small printer
Homocide business got me side flipping like I’m cartwheeling
I’m Godzilla wearing Margiela in the mall inside of the Guitar Center
Got the boss mental
Got me off a little barking at the dog kennel
Keys open doors, I said keys open doors, squeeze open fours
Leave your boys leaking, leave your overlord looking like some old weave on the floor
Please don’t ignore me, I’m going to war
Blowing weed in a foreign toy
My shooters killing anything I’m pointing towards
Anything I’m pointing towards
I would swing this mic when I’m rhyming, thought I better bring it
I’m what you’d get if Fetty Wap were to rob a marksman
With Robert Markman, a dead eye Genius
A Jedi demon, he sip promethazine, I bet I lean him
I made a million, I ain’t sell out, I just got the hell out Neiman’s
Ni**a, my chips up, ask me am I in my P-R, I, I stop you just so I could spell out Pringles
I’m in the strip club, I shell out singles
I’m the flowing boss sweaping semis, pick one
Head or tails, either way, you are about to let Hakeem in
I came in here to grow the crime rate
Bodies on top of bodies on me
I got skeletons in my closet that could do the FAMOUS video with Kanye
My status loony, n**a, I love my chrome
I Mac and Uzi more than Donald Glover love that song Bad and Boujee
Bad and Boujee, I’m a black addict mooly
With an attitude in a padded room full of savage ghoulies
Eratic goonies
I don’t battle, I look at battle dudes like Battle? Who, me?
F**k you ni**as, I’m steady waiting, I fed him bake
You know that devil’s food, them Betty Cakes
And I got something for them crooked cops too, let him pray
Turn his wedding day Freddie Gray
Let that machete behead him, set him straight
Let it devastate, let his soul levitate, let the levies break
I’m murderous, I got Reaganomics in my verbiage
I’m a wavy rhymer, a Mercedes rider
I’m a 89’er Cartier with diamonds
At the furrier, Saint Laurent sipping Merlot
You would never catch me boxing with the burner
Hundred in your mouth like Ted DiBiase did to Virgil
Rolling over these hurdles playing C Murder then I’m playing G Herbo
Gang of cash on me, keep the thumper with me since I became a sinner
Black youngster, I don’t know if I’mma tip the waitress tonight
Or make it rain for dinner
I don’t know if I’mma sign a deal or stay independent, it’s not just a simple thing
Aston Martin topless while I’m weighing my options on the triple beams
Learning that life ain’t about the expensive sh*t, it’s about the simple things
Like a sexy side bi**h with zipper lip, clit nipple rings
You can not stop what is already going
African bi**h got her face on my lap
The blacker she is, the badder she is
I was called tarbaby growing and I’m feeling up to par
Whenever I see the police
I address them as top of the morning cause I feel above the law
Riding, do I look like I am supplying the drugs? F**k raw
I am the plug, f**k raw
You ni**as is about as much action as a buttoned-up bra
I’m taking everybody instrumental, going Ted Bundy on it
Out here cooking so much the original sound like it’s Peg Bundy on it
I’m Christmas gifting, y’all wrapping sh*t
I fit the description of accidents in the axel of the bent
I have an immaculate acumen
You a splitting image of accidental flatulence
All it takes to be a gang banger on wax these days
Is the engineer that come in and patch you in
Yes, sir, I’m too charming to stress ya
I’m cool, calm, and collective
I’m electric, you Carmen Electra
If I catch ya you gone on the stretcher
Now question
How much protection does a vest and armor get ya?
Especially when you armed with weapons stepping in the wrong direction of armageddon
Uh, keys, keys, y’all got the keys, keys
Ride up and squeeze, squeeze
Y’all are the kings, kings, heh, well, I’m about to see