Chance The Rapper Says Grammy Nominations Gave Him Validation Cover GQ

Chance The Rapper is on the cover of GQ magazine and he gave us some insight into his thought process on a number of topics including the Grammys.

The Chicago emcee had a great year in 2016 and picked up seven Grammy nominations for the upcoming awards for his hard work. But even if he doesn’t win, Chance still feels some validation for just getting the nods. Very few artists over their lifetime has ever received all of seven nominations in one year, so I have to agree with the rapper on this.

Chance received a nomination for Best Rap Song for “Ultralight Beam”, one for Best Rap Album for his project “Coloring Book”, and also one for Best New Artist. During his interview with GQ he opened up about The Grammys and the validation that it offers artists for their hard work.

“As a musician, I think it’s the same thing as an actor receiving an Oscar,” he said. “Do I think that the Grammys are always fully representative of a person’s talent? No. Just like Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get an Oscar until this past year. And he’s been doing his f***ing thing. But I think everybody wants validation, everybody wants to feel like they did right. And I think the nominations are my victory.”

In the interview Chance The Rapper opened up about a number of other topics including Donald Trump, Kanye West, rap beefs and even going broke.

By: Debbie Murray