Popcaan – Stray Dog (S**k Yuh Madda) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Bwoy you a punk a you throat mi a go slash
Pu**y weh you know bout buzz gaza ash
M1 rifle strap on paw mi back
Crack you skull like calabash

Pu**y have you ever knock it in a traffic
Have you ever buss a man throat wid a hatchet
You nuh know nothing bout badness watch it
Mack 90 go deal wid you crabbit

Seh dem a badman a liar dem
Man show you rifle ou never fire dem
A could a whoa hire dem
Markus meck wi wire dem

Go s**k yuh madda dawg
You nuh bad like unruly
The zig triangle broad
Shot a play in a you head like Ludie
I am so f**king unruly
No likkle one a bea don cyaa fool mi

S**k yuh madda dawg
You nuh bad like unruly

(Verse 2)
Use the woozie and go shell dem endz
Dem a try jump fence
Mi corel dem benz
Likkle jackass nuh have no f**king sense
Fully auto squeeze in a yo contact lens
Dash weh dem body fi dem stink and wrenk
Bwoy live in a cement a nuh accident
Nuh care how much bloodcl*** gun dem bring
Man wi kill dem in a any event

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Buss the AK wid mi right hand
Big matic shrub out a the van
Any bwoy weh a claim dem a don
Copper meck you skin look like Yellow Man

Suh mi lift up every gun weh mi have fi go kill dem slowly
Mi si the likkle priest dem a meck talk and dem still don’t know me
Pu**y you nuh bad like Rihanna
Shot wi play in a you head like piano
Me and your badness could a never similar
You friend dem go dead from the K weh mi give Miller

(Repeat Chorus)