No Sting In Boxing Day Award Event At Jamworld

Hardcore dancehall fans and several upcoming artists are disappointing this year over the cancellation of the annual event Sting.

Instead of a full fledged show, Supreme Promotions held an award ceremony where they recognized individuals who have made the show a success over the years. But that too was a major disappointment with a lot of the recipients not turning up for their awards. Artists like Bounty Killer and Ninjaman made it clear from a few weeks ago that they will not be at the Sting awards. Hence the event didn’t fill the void as intended.

“The overseas promoters were willing to pay me $3,000,000 for Sting this year, but the local promoters told him not to. So, if I am not good enough for the money, I don’t see why I should collect the award,” Ninjaman said.

The award event was held on Monday at the East Lawns of Devon House in St Andrew and saw a handful of artists turning out including Kiprich and Jahmeil. Despite the cancellation of Sting this year, the promoters promises a bigger and better show next year.