Funkmaster Flex Blast Drake Says Dating JLo is Disrespectful To Diddy

Funkmaster Flex is still not a fan of Drake even if he is banging Jennifer Lopez. Funk also thinks that its disrespectful to Diddy.

Its no secret that Drake and Diddy has had a fight at a Miami nightclub and are not friends despite patching things up. Jennifer Lopez and the rap mogul dated 17 years ago but split after a shooting incident at a club on December 28, 1999. The incident resulted in an embarrassing headline on the NY Daily new cover the next day and many believed that the pop singer pulled the plug on their relationship because of that incident. Almost two decades later, JLo is again in the headlines but for a different reason, its for her relationship with Drake. Both of them posted the same photo on their Instagram with no caption.

A lot of folks are thinking that the move is calculated by Drake who wants to get back at Diddy for beating him up at Liv nightclub in Miami in 2014. Joe Budden was one of the first rapper’s to linked the two dates, and now Hot 97 radio disc Jockey Funkmaster Flex is weighing in while accusing Drizzy of disrespecting the Bad Boy Records head.

“JLo? That’s the get back for a punch in the face? Took me all day to figure this out!” Flex tweeted before adding, “JLo is nice.. but my mans hit 17yrs ago.. these new sensitive ni**a think we sweat pu**y like them.. nah.”

“Doggy saved the pic for the anniversary and everything!!! Haaaa! Wow! Sensitive new ni**a fail!” Flex added.

Funk Flex also got some bashing from Drake fans after sending out the tweets, but he holds firm to his beliefs. “Fellas let’s take time out to recognize that this is a major win right here!!! So super clean!!!!!! #Jlo top 5 at any age!!!! ( We don’t hate… as you Weirdos and Super Stans would like to think ) I just call it at I see it,” he wrote on IG.