Justin Bieber Gets Indicted In Argentina For Paparazzi Beating

Justin Bieber will not be going to Argentina anytime soon after being indicted in the South American country for a paparazzi beating incident from 2013.

The pop star allegedly ordered his bodyguard to beat down a photographer during an incident in Buenos Aires. A judge indicted the Canadian singer on on assault charges, TMZ reported. Justin Bieber has maintained his innocence and plans to appeal the indictment. The singer’s lawyers are saying that the judge is just out to get the Bieb.

This means that if Bieber set foot in Argentina he will be arrested. Now he has another problem because he is about to start a major South American tour that will see him performing in places like Brazil. His fans in Argentina better hope that this case is resolve soon before the tour gets underway or else he is unlikely to perform in that country. He could also loose some money from tour since his biggest fan base in South America is in Argentina.