The Game Quest For New Trial In Sexual Assault Case Hit Snag

The Game will not be getting a new trial in his sexual assault case at least not anytime soon.

The Compton rapper lost a lawsuit that Priscilla Rainey filed against him claiming that he sexually assaulted her during the taping of a reality show back in 2015. A Illinois judge awarded her a judgement of $7.13 million, but The Game is appealing for a retrial and requesting that a judge drastically reduced the amount. TMZ reported that a judge denied him a request to reduce the amount on some technicality that he left out key pieces of information like hearing dates and times.

Game scored a minor victory in the case when a judge denied her access to his financial records so that she can’t determine his net worth. But if he doesn’t get a break through with his appeal he will be $7 million less rich. The Documentary rapper won’t be laughing at 50 Cent anymore.