Macka Diamond Nursing Injured Ankle From Ghetto Splash Stampede

Macka Diamond will be thinking long and hard if she wants to return to Ghetto Splash next year after her injuries from last week’s stampede at the annual festival.

The concert, which was held at the Waterhouse Mini Stadium in Olympic Gardens, had reports of gunshots that resulted in a stampede. Several patrons were injured as a result and Macka, who performed at the event, injured her ankle in the melee.

“I am in a lot of pain, I could hardly sleep last night,” she told the Star. “I twisted my ankle running from a stampede after shots were fired at the Ghetto Splash event. Mi did done perform and deh backstage a hold a vibe and a take pictures with the fans. I was sitting down on a chair when mi hear the shots fired.”

Not even a sprain ankle is not stoping Macka Diamond from performing for her fans. She recently performed at a private office party despite being in pain from her injuries. “Foot aint stopping me bkstage to perform at a private office party, the work must go on,” she said.