Dej Loaf Ft. Kodak Black – All I Want For Christmas Lyrics

(Dej Loaf Verse 1)
I say each year
Gets better than the last year
We going all out this year
I need everybody [?]
Don’t worry ’bout me
Got plenty [?]
Got my brothers, got my sisters, got my team
All I need is my family
I say, I say my past ain’t like my presents
Momma come downstairs, open up your presents
Workin’ all them hours tryna make it special
I was ungrateful, I ain’t know no better

(Chorus Dej Loaf)
All I really want for Christmas is you
All I really want for Christmas is you
All I really want for Christmas is you
All I really want for Christmas is you

[Kodak Black Verse 2]
Life ain’t [?] but it’s still a gift
Then hit the club and make it rain, I ain’t talking [?]
And all I wanted for Christmas was to be here
Now I’m hoping I could spend it with you this year
God bless me with a [?], gotta make it happen
You see this rap sh*t is my gift, I gotta unwrap it
And I know that I’ve been naughty
But I just want you to stand by me
And I just want to go all the way
Cause when I’m with you it’s a holiday
There’s no other place I’d rather be
Than right here with my family
And it feels so good to be free
You all I really want

Repeat Chorus

(Dej Loaf Verse 3)
It’s snowing outside
Miss the days when it used to be up to my thighs
Man I miss my baby, wanna spend some time
Sometimes I feel like we just live to die
That’s why I’m so grateful, lord I’m breathing
I won’t be complaining, and don’t you either
Eggnog drinking, sleigh bells ringing
Santa I wish you could bring back some of my people

Nah, forreal. I remember those Christmas mornings man.
Waking up and going downstairs and I ain’t gon’ lie
I used to be ungrateful, I was a very ungrateful kid
I used to cry every Christmas cause I didn’t get the Nikes
I don’t know what it was about the Christmas Nikes
My mom just wouldn’t get ’em. Like, I don’t know man
It was crazy. Cause I used to get everything else, like
I used to get all the other shoes
But she just didn’t get the Christmas Nikes
And, you know, you gotta walk back in school with the fresh Nikes
On at the top of the year. So I used to be mad upset
But now looking back man, I’m so appreciative man, you know
You can’t take those types of things for granted
Family means everything
Christmas is more than just about, you know, gifts
Celebrate yourself, celebrate your family, your friends
And the ones who stand by you every day. Merry Christmas