Tink – MC Hammer (Freestyle) Lyrics

I need a check like the engine
Put me on the guest list
He wanna do titles that I’m not really impressed with
Ni**as in they ego
Rather take a mill yeah
Point me to that money paper long as my brazilian
Snatching wigs, I’m really their worst fear
If they can’t hold their weight, I swear I slay em like reindeer
Even my dearest ni**as was switching when I was down
I might go cop a jet, just be sure who’s up now

Back in the zone and they know what I’m on
Bi**hes upset and I’m peeping the tone
Sing on the phone or a ni**a and dip
Tipping the bi**hes while up in V-Live
Sipping on bottles, I don’t do no wine
Wavier than the American flag
I’m a star, no spangled banner
Too legit like I’m MC Hammer
Money talks, and I got the grammar
Wiping ni**as, no gammas, gammas
Everyday I wake up making headlines
Why the f**k the sleeping on me like it’s bedtime
I just spent some hours at the car lot
My shoe game might be wetter than a swim top
They staring at my pieces like it’s wall art
B*tch, I got bigger diamonds than a ball park

You were never in the league
I put your ni**a on the team
He say I’m doper than a fiend
And his brain better than a dean’s list
He give me money, not flowers
I think he hurts than he ours
And his hair fly with no flower
Oh you think…no power
Yeezys squeezing, I just boasted up another level
All you bi**hes need some class, like a sports schedule
I can garantuee my name is in your search bar
I’m just showing them they averages like a report card
I’ve been giving them the game for a minute now
And if you’re a pu**y, we gon drag you like a wedding gown
All these flavors, I could buy an ice cream shop
No vanilla bean, flyer than propeller wings
Everyday I elevate, flow under a
And I’m so high, that I can jump right over heaven’s gate
Hit em with that goddess flow
Then hop out that holy ghost

I mean she’s cool, she’s alright, but
She ain’t know how to act

I give em a fever
Do sh*t at my leisure
Not up in the jungle but the snakes upon the t-shirt

I can flex for hours
F**k you and your fake friends
Can’t get close cause ni**as dirty as the Days Inn
Bi**h I’m on my craft flow
Dog em like it’s pet code
Heavy like a sandtruck
On my money band it out
Looking like I’m André
Flowing like it’s prom day
Ni**as should not f**k with me, that could put them in harm’s way
Money on the speed dial
Roll up, let the
Flow so hard that I should charge em for the freestyle
Flow so hard that I should charge em for the freestyle
Flow so hard that I should charge em for the freestyle