J. Cole – Neighbors [New Music]

J. Cole have the hottest album out right now and one of the singles that he is pushing off the project is “Neighbors.”

The Roc Nation emcee disrupt the game last week with “4 Your Eyez Only” with fans speculating on the actually content of the project being told from his friends point of view. While Cole paid homage to his late friend who inspired the project, this single “Neighbors” seems to be coming from his own story-telling rhymes. The fine print of the singles did actually state that it was inspired by real events.

Dissecting the lyrics, Cole raps about renting a house in North Carolina that he was using as a studio, but some racist neighbors thought that he was selling drugs out of the his and tipped off police who then raided the premises. Eventually J. Cole becomes paranoid about racism but take comfort in his music selling millions.

“Some things you can’t escape; death, taxes / and a racist society that make every ni**a feel like a candidate / For a Trayvon kinda fate, even when your crib sit on a lake / Even when your plaques hang on a wall / Even when the president jam your tape / Took a little break just to annotate,” he raps.

Take a listen to J. Cole single “Neighbors” below.