Is Vybz Kartel A Big Fan Of Alkaline? Leak Voice Notes Claims He Is

Vybz Kartel being a fan of Alkaline is like telling Gaza fans that the World Boss will stop doing dancehall and become a gospel artist.

There is no doubt that a deep hatred for the Vendetta deejay exist among hardcore Gaza fans. Nevertheless, some fans of the incarcerated deejay are also fans of Alkaline but are not vocal about it. Just a few months video of Usain Bolt dancing to “Champion Boy” went viral. Now we all know the history of Bolt and the Vendetta camp.

But off all the people on the Gaza side, Vybz Kartel finds himself under the microscope after some alleged voice notes leaked online of him vibing the lyrics for Alkaline’s hit “Block and Delete.”

A rep for the World Boss told Urban Islandz that the alleged voice note is one hundred percent fake. “That is fake, total bull sh*t Kartel would never do nothing like that and is not a fan of Alkaline,” the deejay’s rep said.

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