Voicemail, Blakkman, Raine Seville, Mr Peppa, Ssense & Micheal Lamond – Find A Way Lyrics

No matter how hard It gets
Every dawg will have It’s day
The traps you set
I will find a way

No matter how hard It gets
No matter how man guns stand In my face
Wi just a prayer a day
I’ll find a way

(Verse 1)
Tell dem seh man a go getter best believe it
Weh fi stop mi from achieve mi nuh see it yet
Heights deh, deh, fi reach and wi a reach it
Suh mi step in a the street wi the most high a leadeth

Success is a must, failure is not a option
Cyaa sweep mi off a mi feat mi a stand up strong
Know mi never buss from mi first song
Mi trust and believe now
Mi full speed ahead like a Mustang

God gimmi the talent suh mi a go use it
Suh mi choose it, naw refuse it
Obstacles mi haffi move it from out a mi way
Inna the town wi a shake up the ground
A nuh gun a wid the sound a the music

So dem fi know seh
We on the go and success wi destination
Fi meck it to the top that a wi goal
Wi revelation
And even though wi thought every ghetto youth fi stay strong
Don’t sell out you soul to temptation

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You cant change my destiny
You cant stop what’s ment for me
Work, no sleep my recipe
Kick down the doors wi nuh need no key

No matter how dem yah enemy try
Man still a work and a head to the sky
Step by step up the ladder mi climb
And mi nuh need no wings fi fly

Mi know the journey long but a Jah him a wi compass
Suh I fear not the two mouth cutlass
Work my dreams into reality
Words, sounds and power
A prayer meck my enemies devour
Cause yes mi know the journey long
But It just began
Victory lock mi seh wi must cut the damn ribbon
The plan nuh listen to pagan
The Lord is my light, my salvation suh mi nuh fear man

(Repeat Chorus 2X)